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Catagory of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Products

Author : Date : 3/7/2013 6:27:29 AM
Tungsten carbide commonly used WC as a main ingredient, according to whether or not to join the other carbides and divided into the following categories:

( 1 ) tungsten ( WC+Co ) cemented carbide ( YG )

It consists of WC and Co, and has higher flexural strength toughness, good thermal conductivity, but the heat resistance and wear resistance, mainly used for machining of cast iron and nonferrous metal. YG tungsten carbide fine grain ( such as YG3X, YG6X ), the cobalt containing the same amount, its hardness abrasion resistance than YG3, YG6 high, strength and toughness of a little difference, is suitable for machining hard cast iron, austenitic stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, hard bronze.

( 2 ) cobalt ( WC+TiC+Co ) tungsten titanium carbide ( YT )

Because of the hardness and melting point of TiC was higher than WC, so compared with YG, the hardness, wear resistance, red hardness increases, bonding temperature is high, strong antioxidant capacity, and will generate the TiO 2 under high temperature, can reduce the adhesion. But the poor thermal conductivity, flexural strength is low, so it is suitable for processing steel, ductile materials.

( 3 ) cobalt ( WC+TaC+Co ) tungsten and tantalum carbide ( YA )

Add the TaC based on YG carbide products on (NbC), improve the normal temperature, high temperature hardness and strength, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance, can be used for processing cast iron and stainless steel.

( 4 ) titanium tantalum tungsten cobalt ( WC+TiC+TaC+Co ) ) carbide insert ( YW )

Add the TaC based on YT carbide bit on (NbC ), improve the flexural strength, impact toughness, hardness, antioxidant capacity and wear resistance. Not only can be machined steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and processing. It is often called the general carbide (also called universal carbide ). At present, mainly used for the processing of heat resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other hard materials processing.