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The cemented carbide industry is not perfect

Author : Date : 2/17/2013 5:25:50 AM
Despite the low carbide tools produced in China with its strong performance, and gradually occupied the world low hard alloy market, but because the blind development and lack of high technology content of products, leading industry overall benefit not high. In the recently concluded " China Tungsten Industry Development Forum", China Tungsten Industry Association chairman Lin Boying pointed out that of cemented carbides, cemented carbide industry to revitalize China, overcome the industry in the development of "Yingshang", a pressing matter of the moment is to regulate market order at the same time, increase investment in Science and technology, improve product quality, to find a breakthrough in the high-end cemented carbide production.

Tungsten Carbides is known as the industrial "teeth ", with the sustained growth of China's national economy, the field of cemented carbide applications start to penetrate into the civil decoration industry, such as zipper head and bracelet, case, luggage tag, even button high-grade garments are likely to be used, according to statistics, in 2003 the domestic cemented carbide production has reached 13500 tons, this year is expected to exceed 15000 tons. With the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry alloy blade and tool demand will continue to increase. According to the analysis, the 2005 China automobile industry hard alloy tool will cost up to 4000000000 yuan, to 2010 is estimated to reach 7000000000 yuan.

However, due to the lack of mechanism of survival of the fittest, fair competition, our country hard alloy enterprises blind development, low-level repeat construction phenomenon is very serious, and this kind of competition is often concentrated in the low-end products in this limited space, resulting in the rapid expansion of production, price war beacon four. This vicious competition occurred in both between dominant industry, also occur between enterprises and between, small businesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Competition in the low-price sales, rebates, fake and shoddy, inefficient enterprises dominant resources, local protection policy of every hue irregularities continue to occur, resulting in low efficiency of enterprises, seriously affect the industry technological progress.

At the same time, because of high performance alloy, value several times or even several times in the middle of cemented carbide abrasive coated products, special shaped products, metal ceramics, precision carbide indexable inserts and other high-end product yield and quality is not high, but also a direct impact on the domestic cemented carbide manufacturers benefit. According to market research, although the circulation of cemented carbide in our country in the international market has reached a total circulation of international market of around 30%, but its sales are below international market hard alloy sales 5%. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Zhengbang had a lump accounts: if w as resource export benefit is 1, then processed into high speed steel export benefit is 3, while export precision tools benefit is 21. Therefore, the production of primary products with high technology content, high added value products great differences between the two.

Over the years, our country to low-cost mass production and export low value-added tungsten products, and foreign manufacturers of these products processing it at a high price to the export of our country. At present, the Chinese market to high-end cemented carbide cemented carbide blade, and the blade is often associated with tool support to enter the Chinese market, its benefits even more impressive.

According to statistics, the total foreign cemented carbide in the Chinese market is about 200 tons / year, not to China cemented carbide production capacity of 1.5%, but the price of these alloys to CNC blade 2000000 yuan per ton, other alloy 500000 yuan per ton calculation, the annual total sales of about 250000000 yuan, accounting for almost 12.5% of China's cemented carbide sales income. Although some of the advantages of domestic enterprises have to provide a large number of high-quality domestic cemented carbide blade, but because the blade quality, variety there is a certain gap, especially in CNC machine tools, machining center and supporting China's tool industry is still relatively backward situation, the foreign advanced cemented carbide production enterprises with the obvious technical superiority and the objective conditions, make this kind of products in China to win the market.

To improve China's cemented carbide products, is the route one must take the revitalization of Chinese cemented carbide industry. Countries should increase input in science and technology of cemented carbide industry, change the present situation of investment in science and technology of China cemented carbide industry less, do not yet have a high starting point of the hard alloy research and development institutions. At the same time, to create the domestic high-end cemented carbide industry " aircraft carrier ", in order to reduce the domestic cemented carbide enterprises and advanced foreign counterparts gap, hard alloy, high value-added high-end products to the international market.

Countries should implement access system for the production of cemented carbide, strictly control new cemented carbide production enterprises, foreign investment must be the production of high-tech products in China wholly owned or joint venture hard alloy enterprises, raw materials, semi-finished products do not allow investment and low production of cemented carbide. At the same time, we will further standardize the tungsten export trade work, can not always let foreign strong tungsten enterprises easily at a low price to get Chinese primary tungsten products, otherwise, hard alloy of advanced production technology, it is difficult in China air plant, which due to the healthy development of Chinese cemented carbide and tungsten deep processing industry.