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Carbide Burr Selection Guide

Author : Date : 12/26/2012 1:58:23 AM

A Carbide Burrs (Rotary Files) Selection Guide For Cutomsers & Distributors

    Tungsten Carbide Burrs are manufactured for freehand deburring and grinding of a large variety of metals, alloys, castings and composite materials. which are works on high speed. Also, on some occasions, it's also be named rotary files.

    They always get a name that to be compliancet with the specific shapes, including the shape of teeth compared to the metal, or the burr fruit seed. Regarding the materials, we usually take tungten carbides for burrs, which would maintain a favorable cutting edges and the speed would exceed the High Speed Steel cutters'.

    Qixing use only the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that the product they supply is second to none in the industry today.

    Qixing uses most highly developed technology to ensure their product and quality is No.1. Qixing's method of cutting the burrs produces a very strong tooth formation which results in a burr built for long life and rapid metal removal.
Thre rotary speed of the carbide burrs could reach up to thousands RPM. When using, the burs are rotated at a highes rpm to ensure the suitable surface speed so that the cutting process would goes on smoothly, but the rpm of each bur should be due to the construction or size of the item cut. But even the burs are working at a very high speed, it wouldn't hurt when touching with the finger, But grap or snap the bur head is not allowed.

    Qixing's unique brazing process guarantees that the strength of the braze is equal to the strength of the shank. Used correctly the braze on a qixing burr will never break.

    To obtain the best results from carbide burr it is necessary to have a hand grinder of correct speed to suit the diameter of the burr and material used. Very hard materials require slower speeds than soft materials. 

    For CNC machining, burs are used to remove metal flakes, when previous maching process finished. Some burs with small diameter of the fruit head could be used for detal enamel removing, e.g. to grind the extra touch enamel makes the surface smooth. This perfect function are attribute b the features that carbide workpiece wouldn't run over the cutting. Now Qixing are the perfect choice of China Carbide Burrs Supplier. Contact us and require details.

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